Thursday, March 20, 2008

To Donate Part Two...

I told my girlfriend about wanting to donate a kidney to comedian Max Alexander and her first response was, "Holy Shit." Second thought was, "why would God give us two kidneys in the first place", to which I responded, "To give one to somebody else." I mean, why not? There are 55,000 people on the kidney waiting list, and only `15,000 available each year. Thousands die waiting. Most of the donations come from recent cadavers, live donations are more rare.

How much is a kidney worth? The question is hypothetical as selling your organs is illegal in the US. But I would be less than honest if I said that my wanting to donate an organ is totally altruistic.

I do comedy. Comedy is in my genes, hence my name, DNA. My grandparents hotel in Monticello, New York was where Sid Caesar had his first gig. If I had read that a stock broker needed a kidney I probably would not have been as moved. But Max Alexander is an old school comic. Do I really think it will help my career to go through with this? Do I think that Jerry Lewis will show up in hospital room and give me an honorary roast? Do I think it will help me get on Jimmy Kimmel?

NO. Not really.

I mean look at this picture

Jerry Lewis could adopt me, guarantee me his estate and get me my own HBO series, and it wouldn't make up for the horror of having some doctor pick through my back looking for a kidney to remove.

Actually, now that I looked at that photo I gotta take a break.

Maybe I am crazy!

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