Monday, July 14, 2008

Are You There God, it's Me.....DNA

We sit perched at the edge of a gigantic change.

With legs dangling ominously into the future, haphazardly playing footsie with the apocalypse, nobody seems to have a cornered market on just what this change might be.

Theorizing and postulating seems to be a lucrative career these days. But who has the patented answers, the indisputable truth?

As many beings as there are on this planet, you can be sure that there are just as many beliefs, theories and perspectives on what might be. Even those that gather under the umbrellas of religion, rigorously trying to avoid the falling sky, cannot come to a consensus on where we come from, where we’re going or where exactly we are at this moment in time.

Corner a Christian and demand an explanation of “heaven” or “hell,” and you’re guaranteed a distinctly different interpretation than any other member of the flock might bleat. We humans, as a lot, are really lost in the wave of humanity, carried along by sheer propagation and the tides of time. We are no closer to solving the dilemmas of sharing the planet with each other, then we were when we all lived in caves. Mesmerized by the chicanery of pundits, the long-lasting trance continues as we blindly stumble forward, catching our shirt on the exposed nail of deeper revelation.

Lately I’ve come to the conclusion that it is sheer tomfoolery to suppose that we are the highest degree of evolution in the universe. Some argue that we never walked stooped on this planet, covered in thick hair and dragging our knuckles. Recent theorists says that the first uncovered skeleton of our ancestry was that of a man who suffered from scoliosis, not of being half-ape. As silly and somewhat tragic as the truth might be, chances are that in many ways we might have de-evolved as linear time passed on this blue ball. If social conscience is any indicator, we are on the downside of the evolutionary scale.

Why might it not be that a species like Whales would be the true inheritors of the Universe? Jupiter’s moon, Eudora, has ocean’s that are miles deep, according to recent observations. Is it impossible to imagine alien cetaceans traversing the depths and underway of other planets? It certainly seems more likely that a species that has never engaged in war, rape, murder, and other ill-fated acts would be able to exist harmoniously on worlds where man has never wielded a stone. Fickle man and his hairless tribe of oppressors might more than certainly not be the true inheritors of the Universe.

Humans are so firmly engaged in narcissistic traits that we cannot even suppose that we aren’t the kings of the Universe. And yet, we were wrong when we thought the Earth was the center of the Universe. We were wrong when we thought that we were the only Galaxy with planets in the Universe. We were wrong when we supposed that we only appeared here 3-5,000 years ago. We were wrong when we thought that space travel would never occur. We were wrong when we vehemently insisted (and still do) that white men were the best breed on the planet. In fact we have been wrong about so many things that it surprises me when a theorist comes along and tries to prove that humans are the best species on the planet, and everyone just grins and claps their hands.
We are just prisoners of our own mind and convictions, we know not if we shall continue on this planet. Our uncertain ways also indicate that we may never find out the true nature of our arrival on this spinning orb. No wonder so many desperately cling to blind faith, trying to enforce with billy-club and bible, their own half thought notions on others, rather than themselves. It figures that in our own misanthropic minds, we are the Emperors and overlords of providence, given godly discretion on those we deem under us. So I pose the question, “are we the true inheritors of a single gods wish’s, are we simply deluded with visions of grandeur, are we DNA seeded here long ago by cosmic farmers, are we some holographic rendering of a bored futurist, or are we the Captains of our own destiny?"” I, for one, cannot forge a sincere answer to this query. To me, any attempt would be a descent into the debacle of all times, spelunking into the unfathomable abyss, bungee-jumping without a cord……..

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