Friday, April 18, 2008

DNA in the Legion of Super Chicks.

Last night I had the lucky fortune to be the only guy sitting at a round table of Santa Cruz Rollergirls.
I'm not the most smooth cookie when it comes to several things:
1. Talking in groups. I can talk to groups. I can talk to thousands of people. I just have problems in group talk. I like one-on-one. When more than one person is talking I become a listener.
2. Talking to girls. I feel like I'm 5-years-old when talking to girls. Call it immature, call it whatever you like, but, in the first 5 minutes at the table, I made three nipple jokes (there was a contextual reference point, but I immediately labeled myself as the "dork")

Thank god for beer.
It allows one to not talk and get drunk all at the same time!

As honored as I was to be sharing a space with such rad girls, I was there to see the main attraction. The band was KEHOE NATION! Featuring Brian Kehoe, THE Brian Kehoe of MIRV.
When it comes to Rock and Roll, MIRV was one of the greatest rock bands ever. A mixture of rock, country, metal and even opera. Things being what they are, and bands being no different, MIRV eventually went its separate ways. Always kinda bittersweet seeing bands break up, but thats life in the fast lane, the center can only hold together for so long before KAPLOOEY. Kehoe was in fine spirits last night in Santa Cruz, and that M-Fer can play the guitar like lightening in a bottle.
Great night! Except for being pulled over by Johnny Law in my own driveway on the way home from the show............and thats Rock and Roll!

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