Friday, April 18, 2008

Guilt without the lox.

OK. You want to know the real reason why this blog has been so difficult to do on a steady basis. GUILT! I originally saw this as a way to keep a daily record of my kidney donation to Max Alexander (see first blog). But along the way the stuffing fell out of the Straw Man and Oz was no longer in site. Fucking flying monkeys clouded my view.
My family thought I was crazy. My best friend, in a rare bout of clear-headedness, told me, "Fuck DNA, I could probably live without one testicle, but why would I want to!" I felt terrible even contacting Max and giving any hope at all. I can be such as asshole sometimes. Just the other day, I finally let Max know that I was unable to help him. Frankly without the support of my family and friends, how would I be able to count on their help with the month long rehab that I would need had I decided to go ahead with the operation!?

Well, Max responded and was cool about it. I imagine he gets guys like me who initially want to help and then back out more often than not. I'm planning an interview with Max soon to help spread the word.


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